Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Goes Here?

This is a blog full of possibilities.   It is a blog written by Wellington residents.  This is a place where blog authors can be any age and the topics catagories are very open.  Topics could include job openings, restaurant reviews, small business news, questions about finding a service provider, local sports news, garage sales info, creative articles written by students, police news, book review,  gardening tips, crafting ideas, etc.  If you have a passion for something then write an article about it.  If your family has done something interesting or fun, share that info with us.   If you have a question you'd like some input the question here.  Do you have a great picture or you tube video to share?  Do you need help with a project?  Do you run a small business our community might want to know about? Write up a short informational piece we can publish.  Do you have a question that your neighbors might have an answer for?
I don't see this as a place for only the cranky or a place where small business owners bombard us with promotions. 
Participating is easy.  Send the article to my work and I will post it for you sometime during the week.
I don't have time to do much editing or writing so I'm depending on you to send information that is just ready to copy and sure to include a headline.
It will be fun to see how this evolves.  Enjoy it.  It is yours.  Send your articles or blog posts to my work.  Put Wellington Blog in the subject line.  I'd ask that small business owners limit their articles to informational pieces rather than promotional ones and that everyone try to keep their word count under 500. I'd love some students to contribute often...